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Certified Practice Rescue (CPR)

Specialist Program

Like 1, 2, 3 and 4, Our Two(2)-Week Certified Practice Rescue (CPR)

Specialist Program will Place on the Path to a Prestigious and

Highly Rewarding career Without Incurring Any Student Loans.

STEP#1: Get Interviewed to Pre-qualify for Our CPR Specialist Course. 

STEP#2Attend Our One-Week CPR Specialist Course & Get Certified.

STEP#3: Enter Our One-Week Apprenticeship/Residency Program.

STEP#4: Start Receiving Leads as You Shadow a Senior CPR Specialist; And Start Earning Money Accordingly. 


Email Your Resume to:


TUITION (Course Fee):


 Click Here to Pay The

Tuition / Course Fee 

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