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Investment Opportunities

Our investment opportunities are designed for those who want to have a running start by using business concepts that were "Hard-to-Create but Easy-to-Recreate (HTC-ETR)". We are highly procedural and thus have created timeless standard operating procedures (SOPs) using our EAQuAS Biz Model to promote Efficiency, Accountability and Quality Assurance that will catalyze the best return on your investment (ROI). 

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Our Story

Dr. Pete and Reed are master lead generators, business interventionists, brainstormers, business catalysts and gurus (with over 40+ years of combined business, engineering, education, real estate, law and healthcare experience) who have been helping a plethora of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs and investors tap into rare business opportunities that help them maximize the lifetime value of their clients. Once you have selected an opportunity, Pete and Reed will help you THRIVE every step of the way not only by using standard operating procedures (SOPs) customized as per your unique expectations or situation, but also by using their EAQuAS business metrics where EAQuAS stands for "Efficiency", "Accountability", "Quality Assurance" and SOPs. 

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We offer exciting business opportunities for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs or investors that are looking for rare and turnkey business opportunities.

773-372-9656 OR 407-955-3534

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